Medium and Heavy Duty TransmissionsTREMEC provides a comprehensive line of commercial transmissions and components for line haul and vocational vehicles.These transmissions are designed to provide optimal durability, ease of shifting and low ownership costs.

Synchronized medium-duty transmissions are ideally suited for general purpose, city and highway delivery operations. These robust, easy-to-maintain transmissions feature a modular, end-load case design and positive gear engagement with the patented  OPTI-RAIL™ shift rail system.

Medium-duty models include:

Heavy-duty commercial truck transmissions offer a wide range of high torque-to-weight ratios and efficient direct drive and overdrive options for better performance and fuel economy. Vocational models match most application conditions, axle ratio specifications and engine specifications.

Features include the patented Optilube™ system  that sprays lubricant continuously and directly onto all critical gear sets and bearings as well as the patented hollow tube and triple-isolated shift lever  for more comfort and less fatigue.

Heavy-Duty models include: